BREED: Plymouth Barred Rock

GENDER: Male-rooster; Female-hen

COLOR: Salt and Pepper

GROUP: Brood

DIET:  Grains, garden scraps, bugs and grass. They also eat crushed oysters for extra calcium (hardens the egg shell).  Whole wheat is used as “scratch” (which is thrown on the bedding in the chicken coop.  The chickens will scratch and peck at the wheat which “fluffs up” the bedding).

Coxcomb (or Comb): Fleshy red crest on top of head.  Wattle: Fleshy red tab below the beak.

Wings: Flight feathers are clipped (it does not hurt) so our chickens do not fly out of the yard.

Coop: Chicken House.  Nesting Box: Where hens go to lay their eggs.  Roosting Bar: They sleep sitting/standing on this bar at night.

JOB: Meat/poultry, feathers (mixed with straw for insulation) and eggs, (1 egg every day or two)



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