Brooder House





Much like the hen house the brooder house provides protection, ventilation and warmth for our chicks. The interior has a coal stove with "wings" for the first couple months after the chick’s arrival. Then as Mother Nature provides natural heat and our chicks grow, the stove is changed out for nesting boxes. Outside is a fenced yard for our youngsters to explore and a wooden umbrella to provide shade.






Howell Farm is owned by the County of Mercer and operated by the Mercer County Park Commission with the support and assistance of The Friends of Howell Living History Farm. The farm is an educational facility open to the public that preserves and interprets farming life and processes from the era of 1890-1910. Howell Farm is a proud member of the Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM).

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Howell Farm is located at - 70 Woodens Ln.   Lambertville, NJ 08530

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