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JULY 30:

"The Mercer County 4H Fair"

From wheat threshing to a pie eating contest and chicken bingo...five thousand visitors experienced the joys of an old-fashioned country fair!

April 29:

"Moments in Time Fashion Show warm-up"

Howell Farm ladies prepare to walk the runway and show off the latest farm fashions from the seventeen hundreds to the 1950's.

April 22:

"Outdoor Equity Alliance (OEA) planting Kale"

While helping to plant kale for the Trenton Soup Kitchen, one OEA member uncovered a hungry caterpillar waiting to hatch in a very tasty garden. 

April 18:

"Three Little Pigs"

... We're waiting to meet you!

April 4:

"Special Delivery"

Sometimes the stork needs a little help from the USPS! Our two-day-old Barred Rock chicks arrived today at the Pennington Post Office. They will be ready to meet you on Saturday in Howell Farm's brooder coop.

March 20:

"First Day of Spring"

Chester and Paul are soaking up the sun  on the first day of spring!

March 15:

"Bottle-Fed Lamb"

For whatever reason, this little guy was not getting enough milk from his mom.  But don't worry...his farmer-parents (Katelyn and Alessandra) will bottle feed and keep him warm until his mom can take over.

March 7:

"The First Arrival"

Our first  lamb (a boy) arrived today, followed  twenty minutes later by his twin bother!

March 4:

"Bushy, the Cat, Learns to Tell Time"

She may not know how to use a watch but she sure does know when it's 2 o'clock! That's when Blizzard the cow gets milked. Bushy always makes her way to the barn in time to get a fresh mug of milk  from one of the farm's generous milkmaids. 


February 11:

"Firing up the Evaporator"

Farmer Jim and his band of sugar-shack elves are feeding the firebox with hand-split firewood and boiling down sap to make our award-winning maple syrup! This winter has been milder than most, and our first batches of syrup have been a little darker in color...but for those of us who love the rich taste of maple, that's not a bad thing!

February 25:

"Seeding Clover"

Yes, we are taking off our mittens to seed clover! Thirty-two degrees may seem a little chilly for planting, but the theory behind frost-seeding is that when the soil surface freezes and thaws it "honeycombs," or loosens. "Broadcasting" clover seed over loose soil in mid- to late winter results in extra seed-to-soil contact and can yield a green clover field by St. Patrick's Day!  

May 18:

"Bushy the Cat Checks Out the Hay Loader"

Our farmers are loading the newly harvested hay bales into the barn loft and of course, Bushy will insure the area is mouse-free! 

May 9:

"Educator of the Year Award"

Howell Farm received this heartfelt award from the NJ Association of 4-H Development Professionals. We have partnered with  Mercer County 4-H Fair for over twenty years to host its annual fair and we look forward to another successful event on July 29th and 30th! 

May 6:

"Border Collie Pups in Training"

These playful pups are learning their trade at Howell Farm's Annual Sheep Shearing Event. But for now they are taking a break from school to soak up some visitor love!

May 4:

"Barn Swallows return to the Nest"

The barn swallows arrived today, a few days late this year, from wintering in Central and South America.  Did they know that our spring as going to be a bit chilly?

August 29:

"Picket Fence Art Show"

It was a picture-perfect day for painting and strolling down the lanes to view the mazing artwork! Art aficionado, Bushy the Cat, was impressed! 

August 10:

"Monarchs make a Visit"

Monarch caterpillars are enjoying their digs at Howell Farm's newly planted pollinator  garden. 

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