Pre-registered “Share The Harvest” tours are now available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday! The farm is still closed for general admission, and you MUST register for your tour at the Mercer County CommunityPass portal. Tickets are limited, so reserve yours now!

Howell Farm 2020 Calendar of Events


25        Ice Harvest     



1          Sleigh Rides & Groundhog Day Storytelling  

8          Tap the Sugar Maples!           

15        Valentine's Day Rides, Music & Silhouettes

22        Maple Sugaring         

29        Maple Sugaring          



7          Workhorse Rides        

14        Visit from the Horse Doctor, Dentist & Shoer

21        Sawmilling & Tree Planting    

28        Lambing          



4          Spring Beekeeping     

11        Plowing, Harrowing & Wash Day       

18        Henhouse Visits          

25        Potato Planting           



2          Sheep Shearing          

9          Pleasant Valley House Tours

16        Corn Planting 

23        Hog Slopping & Weighing      

30        Haying & Hayrides  



6          Old Time Baseball Game

13        Dairying           

20        Blacksmithing & Horseshoeing          

27        Wheat Harvest            



4                  Ice Cream Party & Picket Fence Art Show

11, 18, 25     Evening Hayrides



1-2            Mercer County 4-H Fair 

                    Steam-Powered Wheat Threshing (Sat. only)          

8          Honey Harvest            

15        Potato Harvest           

22        Pleasant Valley Wagon Tours            

29        Fiddlin' on the Farm    



5          37th Annual Plowing Match    

12        Back to School         

19        Fall Plowing & Manure Spreading     

26        Canning & Storytelling Day



3          Wheat Planting           

10        Fall Hayrides & Barn Auction

17        Basket & Broom Making; Wheat Weaving

24        Corn Harvest 

31        Osage Orange Day   



7          Cider Making 

14        Bacon, Sausage & Scrapple Making

21        Logging & Firewood Cutting  

28        Thanksgiving Hayrides and Wreath & Sleigh Bell Sale      


5          Christmas on the Farm          


Naturally Friends Programs

Join the County Naturalist for a close-up look at the swallows, bats, owls, and insects that are essential to the ecosystem where farmers raise their crops and animals.

Owl Talk  

Thursday, March 12  (7–8:30 p.m.)

Barn Swallow Celebration 

Sunday, April 26 (1–3 p.m.)

Bird Excursion   

Sunday, May 10 (1–3 p.m.)

Beetles in the Spotlight Hike 

Friday, June 19 (7:30–9 p.m.)

Butterfly Hike 

Sunday, July 19 (1–3 p.m.)

Nocturnal Nature Hike 

Friday, August 21 (7:30–9 p.m.)

Hedgerow Hike 

Friday, September 25 (12 noon–2 p.m.)

Full Moon Talk: Bats, Vultures & Opossums

Friday October 9    (7:30–9 p.m.)

Barn & Field Spiders 

Sunday, October 25 (1–3 p.m.)

Wooly Worm Weather Forecasting   

Sunday, November 1  (1–3 p.m.)

Hawk Talk  

Tuesday, November 10  (7–8:30 p.m.)

Barn Dances 

7:30 – 9 p.m.

Featuring the music of the Jugtown Mountain String Band and the guiding voice of caller Sue Dupre, each barn dance invites beginners and experienced dancers into the Charles Fish Barn to learn some new square, circle, or contra-dance moves.

Sugar Moon Dance

Friday, March 6            

Strawberry Moon Dance

Friday, June 5                      

Grain Moon Dance

Saturday, August 1                

Harvest Moon Dance

Friday, October 2              

Children’s Storytime 

10:30 – 11 a.m.  (Reservation Required)


Designed for children five and under, storytime features a seasonal tale, and includes a visit to the barnyard to see the animals.

Pancake Storytime

Wednesday, February 19       

Spring Storytime

Wednesday, March 25           

Cow Storytime

Friday, June 12                       

Potato Pick Storytime

Wednesday August 12          

Halloween Storytime

Wednesday, October 28         

Christmas Storytime

Friday, December 4         


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