Ice Harvest   January – February

Learn how people take advantage of the seasons to meet their year-round needs. What are the unique properties of ice and why are we cutting it now? Use simple machines to cut, lift and store heavy blocks of ice. Then come inside to explore the science of ice cream as you churn and sample a batch. See how shapes can make pictures as you sew a cozy quilt to remember your day at the farm.

Program Objectives: 

After participating in an 1890-1910 ice harvest, making ice cream and sewing quilt squares together, students will understand:

  • How people take advantage of the seasons to meet their year-round needs
  • How simple machines make tasks easier
  • The unique properties of water
  •  How milk is transformed into ice cream
  •  That quilts not only keep us warm, they keep our memories and tell a story

Essential Questions:

  • What was the process of procuring ice in the 1900s?
  • How do simple machines help in the process of harvesting ice?
  •  How can insulation be used to keep things cold and to keep things warm?
  • How does melting ice help make cream freeze?

STEM Standards

Next Generation Science Standards: PS1.A Structure and Properties of Matter PS2.A Forces and Motion PS3.B Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer PS3.C Relationship Between Energy and Forces PS3.D Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life NJ Science Standards: 5.1A Understand Scientific Explanations 5.2B Changes in Matter 5.2E Forces and Motion 5.3B Matter and Energy Transformations 5.4G Biogeochemical Cycles NJ Social Studies Standards: 6.1B Geography, People and the Environment 6.1C Economics, Innovation and Technology 6.1D History, Culture and Perspectives

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