Spring Farm Animals   April – June

Springtime means new life in the fields and in the barnyard. Meet the recent arrivals, make feed for the hungry pigs, and learn how the farmer makes sure that the basic needs of each animal are met. Students will understand that animals have important jobs on the farm and learn how members of the farm family, including children, share the work of caring for animals.

Program Objectives: 

While meeting the Howell Farm animals and the spring babies, students will learn about: 

  • The farm community
  • The animals’ life cycles and the care of baby animals 
  • The important jobs animals and children have on the farm
  •  Each animal’s basic needs and how they are met

Essential Questions:

  •  What do animals contribute to farm?
  • How does the farmer care for the animals?
  • How did children help on the farm in 1900?
  • What does each animal need in order to be happy and healthy?

STEM Standards

Next Generation Science Standards: LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes LS2.A Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems LS2.D Social Interactions and Group Behaviors LS3 Heredity, Inheritance and Variation of Traits NJ Science Standards: 5.1A Understand Scientific Explanations 5.1B Generate Scientific Evidence Through Active Investigations 5.3A Organization and Development 5.3C Interdependence 5.3D Heredity NJ Social Studies Standards: 6.1B Geography, People and the Environment 6.1C Economics, Innovation and Technology 6.1D History, Culture and Perspectives

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