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Preschool Fridays on the Farm

February 19 – March 12 – "Where does Maple Syrup Come From?"

Join farm staff for a unique, age-appropriate, hour-long outdoor program. We will be answering the question, "Where does maple syrup come from?" as we tap a tree and walk through the sugar house. Each participant will take home a sample of Howell Farm maple syrup! 

March 26 – "From Egg to Chick"

Join one of our farm educators to visit the henhouse and hunt for eggs. Learn what we feed the chickens, make them some food, and give them a snack. (We may even take a peek into the brooder house to see what’s there!) Each participant will take home a farm-fresh egg.

April 9 & 16 – "Wooly Wonders"

Have you ever wondered why sheep look like they’re chewing bubble gum? What happens to all their wool? What “superpower” do sheep have? Learn the answers to all these questions – and any others you can think of – in this unique program. We will wash and card wool, spin it into yarn, and make a bracelet to take home. A highlight of the morning will be a visit with the new lambs!

April 23 & 30 – "From Hay to Horses"

Horses are an important part of Howell Farm, and in this program you’ll learn what their “job” is and see some of the equipment that they use. Visit with one of our horses to learn about their “superpowers.” Learn what we do to care for them. Tour the horse barn and do a few chores...and a barn tour wouldn’t be complete without a stop in the haymow and a peek at the manure pile!

May 7 & 14 – "Oink, Oink!"

What is a pig’s “superpower”? Why do they like mud so much? Are pigs really dirty? What do pigs eat, and what is their favorite food? In this program you’ll discover the answers to all these questions...before you help us make pig feed and pig slop!

May 21 & 28 – "It's Corny"

For this program, one of our farm educators will take you out in the fields to actually plant corn! We’ll try several different planting techniques, including the “corn dance” and others using historic equipment. Next we’ll visit the corn crib to see last year’s harvest, grab an ear to shell and grind, and finally learn which animals eat corn so we can feed them! Each participant will take home a sample of cornmeal and a recipe to make a special treat at home.

June 4 & 18 – "Growing Up"

In this final program of the season, we will revisit our “baby” animals and see how they are growing up! Gathering eggs and feeding the animals will be an important part of our morning.

Cost & Scheduling

$10 per person (adults & children ages 1+) for groups of 5–15, including adults. **In the event we do not reach our group minimum of 5, we will work with registrants to reschedule for another date.

Masks, social distancing, and adult attendance required. Don't forget to dress for the weather!

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