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Howell Farm is open for free outdoor programs and tours, but all guests are required to stop at the Visitor Center to register and receive program and safety information. Visitors are encouraged to pre-register through the Mercer County CommunityPass portal

to minimize wait time and guarantee entry to programs with limited admission.

All Mercer County Park Commission rules and regulations are in effect, as well as New Jersey state requirements regarding the use of masks when social distancing isn't possible. Please also note that dogs (other than assistance dogs) are not permitted at Howell Farm, and that picnicking is not allowed at this time.

Howell Farm Plowing Match     

The 37th Annual Howell Farm Plowing Match

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Saturday September 5th, 10:00am–4:00pm: Today’s plowing kicks off a 10-month growing season for Howell Farm’s fall crops: wheat, rye, barley, and the old-fashioned “bearded wheat” known as spelt. There’s a lot of work to be done between now and planting in late September...but luckily the neighbors are here to help out!

Plowing is the first step in “working up” the soil into a seedbed where the fall crops will be planted. Loosening the compacted layer of soil lets in water and air, while also burying weeds and other organic material as fertilizer.

When the match is over, our farmers will finish the field by joining the “lands” that the contestants plowed. Next they’ll “pack” down the plowed field with a horse-drawn roller, and slice up remaining dirt clods with a harrow. Finally, the horses will drag a plank across the loose soil to flatten it before planting the field with a grain drill. 

Fall crops will be harvested next July using a horse-drawn reaper-binder, before they are threshed with help from a steam engine and finally ground into flour.

Morning Events & Activities

6–9 a.m. Arrival of Farmers & Teams (Lower Round Pasture) 

Unloading, cleaning, and harnessing of teams.

7–10 a.m.Warm-up Period & Judges’ Meeting (West Crop Fields) 

Fine Plowing contestants “ground-drive” their horses to settle them before the match.

10–11:45 a.m. Fine Plowing (West Crop Fields) 

Teamsters are evaluated on the quality of plowing by Head Judge Button Myers, Jr. of Landisburg, PA, with additional scoring by Field Judges Elvin Lapp of Kinzers, PA and Barbara Corson, VMD, of Dauphin, PA.

10:30–noon Exhibition Hitch Demonstrations(West Crop Fields)

10:30–noon Novice Plowing (West Crop Fields) 

Try your hand at plowing! Sign up at 10:15 with Head Judge Pam Flory.

11:00–noon Old Timer Plowing (West Crop Fields) 

If you know how to plow but came without horses, here’s your chance! Sign up at 10:15 with Head Judge Rob Flory of Howell Farm. You’ll have two veteran draft horses as your team.

Afternoon Events & Activities

12–2 p.m. Lunch Break  (Farmhouse Front Lawn)

1:15 p.m.  Presentation of Plowing Awards (Upper Round Pasture Gate)

2–3:30 p.m. Obstacle Course Driving (Upper Round Pasture) 

Teamsters are judged on driving precision and control as they maneuver a wagon through a series of turns and obstacles. Head Judge: Barbara Corson, VMD.

3:45 p.m. Presentation of Obstacle Course Awards (Upper Round Pasture Gate)

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