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"The Four Elements"

"The Four Elements" at Howell Farm:  Check Back for 2023 Updates!

In a special new program designed for children ages 8-12, Howell Farm education specialist Jessica Valenza will guide young explorers on a 90-minute search for of one of the four classical elements – fire, earth, air, and water – at Howell Farm. Kids will learn how farmers use the forces of nature to grow food, care for animals…and have some fun on summer days!

Programs include a creative activity based on the “element” in focus, and the chance to build, paint, design—or even forge—a special item to take home. Each session is framed as a standalone class, with no previous knowledge or experience required. Cost is $20 per child per session ($30 for “Treasures from the Earth”). Each child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (at no additional cost); any additional adults must register as participants and pay the class fee.

Treasures from the Earth

This two session program will introduce children to native plants and wildflowers and their uses on the farm. Participants will collect specimens to press into paper…then use their handmade paper to bind a book filled with all the treasures they’ve found!


Water, Water, Everywhere

Water-friendly shoes are required for this program, in which kids will explore the ways farmers (and their animals) use water from streams, ponds…and the well-pump in the barnyard. Be prepared to get wet as we race handmade boats and discover the creatures that live in the stream!

Creatures of the Air

Learn about the many winged creatures that use the air for travel…and how in their travels through the air, they help out farmers working the earth. Each participant will create a gourd birdhouse to take home!

Fire and Forge

In this program, kids will learn about the important role that a blacksmith played in the life of a farmer in the year 1900…then forge their own ‘S-hook’ to take home!

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Howell Farm is owned by the County of Mercer and operated by the Mercer County Park Commission

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