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Virtual | Pollinators & Honeybees

Offered All Year: What is a pollinator, and why are they important? Join Howell Farm and Mercer County Nature Program educators as we explore the fascinating world of pollinators, and the littlest farm animal, the honeybee. At Howell Living History Farm we take special care of our bees, because we know they work hard for us. Virtually visit our hives with the beekeeper to learn about hive life and all the wonderful things bees do. Then, students will continue to examine pollinators at home or in the school yard with activities on anatomy, identification, and a scavenger hunt.

Virtual field trips feature fun hands-on activities designed to get your students outside and exploring. Each program includes:

  • Pre-field trip warm-up questions or activities to get students thinking about the topic
  • 30-40 minute online lesson led by our naturalists, with engaging information and guidance to prepare the students for their hands-on activity
  • Hands-on activity for students to explore outdoors at their home or school
  • Post-field trip wrap-up questions to guide the teacher’s assessment

Program Objectives

  • Students will learn that there is more to keeping bees than just harvesting honey
  • That bees are one of many pollinators that play an important role in our ecosystems
  • That all pollinators help farmers grow much of the food we eat

Relevant Curricula

Next Generation Science Standards: K-LS1-1 Patterns in the Natural World | K-ESS3-1 Systems and Models, and Natural Resources | 1-LS1 Structures, Functions, Information Processing, and Growth and Development of Organisms | 2-LS2-2 Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems | 3-LS2-1 Ecosystem Interactions and Dynamics | 4-LS1 Structure, Function, and Information Processing | 5-PS3-1 Matter and Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems | 5-ESS3-1 Human Impact on Earths Systems

NJ Social Studies Standards: 6.1.4- Geography, People, and the Environment

Cost & Scheduling

$60 for groups of up to 25 students (scholarships available for certain programs)

To register, email screspin@howellfarm.org

On-Site Programs

Virtual Programs

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Howell Farm is owned by the County of Mercer and operated by the Mercer County Park Commission

Brian M. Hughes, County Executive | Aaron T. Watson, Executive Director

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